Holistic bodywork, inner wisdom and natural movement

A warm welcome to my site, I offer professional and quality body work, Thai yoga massage trainings and yoga.

My services are based on a mindful and holistic approach that treats the person as a whole.  My purpose is to support and improve your natural health and balance.


Unique and holistic bodywork inspired by Thai Massage, Osteothai, Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy and Classical Massage. The aim of the treatment is to remove any obstacles that interfere with health and restore the harmony of the body and mind.


Thai Massage School

Holistic and Mindful Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage School ”VINIMAYA”  is a unique educational place that combines both the spiritual origins and the evolution of thai massage.

Learning at the school is a hands on practice. In addition to effective and safe techniques, courses and training are based on the art of touch, presence and movement. Thai yoga massage course is a spiritual experience, it is a journey to yourself.

Thai Yoga Massage what you will learn is safe, functional and effective. It is a mindful interaction that brings well-being for both the masseur and the receiver.

I organise thai massage trainings, courses and retreats in Finland and abroad. The school is open to everyone. Welcome!

Yoga Studio

 Hatha & Embodied yoga for small groups and individuals.

More information coming soon….

Vinimaya is a heartfelt interaction and an awareness that there is harmony and balance in everything. It is unconditional love, gratitude, and respect for everyone and everything that unites and sustains us.

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